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To Mobile Marketing provides businesses with an efficient, fast, and highly effective means of approaching their target audience in new ways.

In Greece, the use of mobile communication devices of all types, shows high penetration rates in the population. The percentage population coverage of mobile networks reaches 100% while the percentage of population that uses mobile reaches 82%. Active mobile connections reach 125% of the population, compared with 122% in the European Union. It is characteristic that in Greece 50% of outgoing voice minutes now made from mobile devices. 

The main advantages are:

  • Immediacy

Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to set up and run. The messages displayed to prospective customers directly.

  • Cost

The cost is very small in comparison to conventional advertising and fully controlled

  • Distribution

The delivery is always guaranteed, unlike e-mail, direct mail, and other forms of advertising.

  • Response Rate / Effectiveness

The average response rate is about 15%, compared with 2-3% for other advertising media

  • Personal / Targeted

Mobile marketing provides the ability to customize the message to a diverse audience.

  • Mobility / Accessibility

The messages reach their recipients where they are. No need to be a TV, radio, computer. The phones are accessible 90% of our time every day.

  • Interactivity

It provides the ability to reach customers "on-the-go» and create a very effective two-way communication.

  • Marketing Campaign Implementation

It provides the ability to incorporate new, innovative forms of advertising / promotion with existing strategies to enhance interactivity and effects.

  • Wow factor

Το Mobile Marketing is still so new, it offers even greater added value to your campaign.

  • Viral potential

The ease with which the messages of Mobile Marketing can share increases their potential customers that will receive at no cost to you.

The implementation of our project by the executives of A.S.T. and the opportunity provided us to upgrade our daily processes, fully met our requirements easily and quickly.

Zisis Zarkogiannis CEO Oneiro S.A.

In our cooperation with A.S.T. we found a reliable partner, who managed to diagnose our needs and offered us the best solution for their coverage. The experienced company staff worked seamlessly with our executives succeeding the implementation of a truly valuable for our application work.

Kostas Michalopoulos CEO Promitheas S.A.

With the cooperation of A.S.T. we designed and implemented a truly pioneering system based on the most modern technological solutions in both demanding field of electronic commerce. The staff of A.S.T. perfectly teamed with our executives and staff providing a result worthy of our initial expectations. We sincerely thank you for the excellent cooperation.

Thomas Parpoulas CEO Offirama Α.Ε.

In A.S.T. we found a partner who can suggest the best any time proposal for the development of our company, reducing cost and risk for our business with selecting a partner for all solutions.

Maria Papantoniou Chief executive TENTOPLAST S.A.

Due to the increasing demands of our business, we needed a solution to serve our customers and through the internet, with an application that could meet our present and future needs. The application b2b that developed for us A.S.T., proved to be the best strategic choice to partner officer level.

Mariza Anezoulaki Chief executive FIERATEX S.A